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The word "calligraphy" is derived from a Greek word meaning beautiful writing. Unlike Western cultures, Chinese calligraphy ("Shufa") is valued as "high art" in Asian cultures. Just as there are masters of painting or martial arts, there were calligraphy masters whose works were highly esteemed by the emperors of Chinese dynasties. Throughout the history of China, calligraphy has been practiced by national leaders, scholars, and people in all walks of life. Chinese calligraphy is not only beautiful art, its practice is also an effective way to enjoy healthy life and longevity. Many research reports in Asia have rated practicing Chinese calligraphy as the number one activity for longevity among other twenty activities or so.

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In the West, artists such as Picasso and Matisse were also greatly influenced by Chinese calligraphy. As the world's cultural exchanges increase in our modern time, Chinese calligraphy, painting, and language will eventually become more popular.

This website provides educational resources in learning Chinese calligraphy and brush painting. Even if you are not living in China, you may learn Chinese calligraphy or brush painting by following the instructions in the "Video Tutorial." (For a list of calligraphy & painting suppliers, please visit  the "Links" web page.)


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ForbiddenCity in Dallas (A store owned by Joshua's friend Robert Bo) - wholesale and distributors of "Four Treasures" from Beijing and major suppliers and manufactures in China - from entry-level to professional qualities - worldwide shipping. More selections by phone inquiry (214)458-9930.

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These articles provide resources and in-depth information about the Art of Chinese Calligraphy. They cover historical background, details of techniques and theories, and the masterpieces and life stories of the master artists. 




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