Chinese Calligraphy Demonstration

@ Timber Creek Elementary, Flower Mound, Texas

January 31, 2014



Many thanks to Katrina and Sharon for organizing this event...

The total number of people's first names written for today was about 85. Ken and Shunbo Rothey came to visit around 10 AM. Ms. Rothey wrote about 10 pieces for them.

Due to time limitation, all names written by Joshua were done in Walking Style instead of Kaishu.

English names in Chinese calligraphy translated phonetically


Irving City Library had invited me for a Chinese calligraphy demonstration for the next day, February 1. Due to my other schedules, I asked Sister Shunbo to go there for me. 





月前,LEWSIVLLE小學SHARON校長,派一位熟悉何老師的學生家長 Katrina,聯系我們,特地邀請我們2014年中國春節大年初一去該小學,開展中國書法活動4個小時。這個學校有100多個學生,年齡都在6-10歲之間,孩子們在老師的指導下,非常希望多多了解深奧的中國書法。邀請中國書法家何老師和順波,為其中的4個班80多個學生,書寫他們的中文名字。大年初一早8:00,乘著中國春節晚會的駿馬,我們來到活潑可愛的美國孩子中間,孩子們自報英文名字,我們當即為每個孩子書寫成中文名字。老師和孩子們第一次,親眼看到我們用中國的毛筆,靈活自如地寫字,發出陣陣驚訝聲!不斷地說:Wonderful! Beautiful! Inconceivable!



Chinese Celebrating the Year of Horse with Calligraphy (links provided by Shunbo)



Selected Chinese Calligraphy Demonstration Videos and Pictures



Group 1: Traci's class





Annabelle, Brendan *, Logan *



* denotes that those pieces were written before the event in Joshua's studio and were further processed with Wrinkle-Free Service.



Group 2: Laura's class










Group 3: L. Kirkland's class



Ayden *, Maliq







Group 4: 's class





Alexa, Anna *



Brance, Brody









Positive Energy ( 正能量 ) for Sharon, the Schoolmaster 






Pictures & videos are still being compiled...

Wasi, Madison?? + home studio more samples

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