Wrinkle-Free Service for Chinese Calligraphy

Since Chinese Xuan paper has excellent absorbency of water and ink, it gets somewhat wrinkled after writing. 


Before Wrinkle-Free Process
This is the copy if you do not want the Wrinkle-Free Process.
After Wrinkle-Free Process 
This is the copy you will receive if you have the Wrinkle-Free Process. No crumpled look.









Wrinkle-Free Service will be charged at 20% of the price of the calligraphy. 


(1) One of the three steps of Wrinkle-Free Process. After this step, the paper must stay on a board leaned against the wall until it gets dried.


(2) A typical Chinese will not put a wrinkled piece into a frame, just as an executive will not attend a meeting without ironing his shirt and suit.

(3) People in non-Chinese galleries do not know how to mount Chinese calligraphy paper or to remove the wrinkles after Chinese paper has been written or painted, unless they have learned the Chinese mounting procedures.

(4) There will not be another layer of paper to back or support the work.


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Last modified: 02/02/2014