Frisco Arts Walk

Chinese Calligraphy Demonstration

by Dallas Chinese Calligrapher Joshua Hough

October 7, 2017 (5:15PM - 6:00PM)



Joshua's Dedication of a Chinese Calligraphy Scroll to Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney:

Peter Wu, Frisco mayor Jeff Cheney, Joshua Hough, the scroll, and the tent all have red color. 

Red represents good luck and fortune in Chinese culture.



 Jeff & Dana Cheney phonetically translated and written on a Chinese calligraphy scroll 

美國德州弗里斯科第二屆互動藝術走廊 - 書法卷軸贈費里斯可市長 Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney





Joshua's five pictures with four mayors in north Texas:

2b shared with Rui Zhang & Hong Davis

















 Family written on a mini Chinese calligraphy scroll (with three names added)







The wind was blowing little drops of water from the fountain which may cause disasters for my calligraphy paper and scrolls. The loud music, wind, and water drops were distractors.


Reproduced Items

Some calligraphy pieces have been reproduced for artistic perfection and comparisons.


Good fortune or blessings LUCKY 

- the best work written today from artistic perspective


Before mounting

After mounting

MOUNTED for future display or sales









Joshua's Journal:

Today I received a call from realtor Peter Wu around 4PM. He said there was an interactive outdoor event at Gaylord Parkway at the Dallas North Tollway in Frisco, Texas at HALL Park: 6801 Gaylord Parkway Frisco, TX 75034.

I arrived at 5PM and started the short demonstration from 5:15PM and ended by 6:10PM as evening was approaching. Many thanks to my UNT alumni for sharing the space in the square.


Originally I was invited by Chairman David Gu to do a Chinese calligraphy demonstration at the Asian museum's fundraising banquet tonight from 7PM to 11PM. Mr. Gu had recruited artists for the banquet two months ago, but we were not informed until this Wednesday that the museum wanted some other group to cater their business. (Renee Zhang called at 5:50PM to ask me for the parking location at the museum. She was surprise I was not going there - she thought I was in the ball room. The ticket price started at $500 per person for this important fundraising dinner. I guess the Frisco mayor was going there too as he mentioned he was heading to another place.) The artists who went there were underpaid. However, if I went there I may also have faced some political dilemmas between Taiwan and China as the community leaders were in the banquet. Whether I went there today had pros and cons. I would accept how it had been arranged. My philosophy professor said "No matter what religions we believe in, Karma is a universal law." Doing good for goodness sake is important. 

After dinner and coffee, Peter and I went shopping in an Indian market by Mozart Bakery. He asked me about the importance and functions of a paperweight as mentioned in my last week's video. He was the first person I shared the core of all of my Chinese calligraphy techniques deduced from a certain angle in 2012 in Betty's office. That angle is deduced from the laws of physics and from all the Chinese calligraphy theory books I have read. As a biology teacher and a molecular biology major, he was intrigued by my theory and deductive reasoning. The brush techniques of Chinese calligraphy are all about angles, directions, duration of time, pressure, and other dependant variables in physics. The importance of a paperweight is not merely a weight to be placed on the paper. It's the correlation built between using a paperweight and mutually synchronizing and coordinating other variables. Besides Peter, I have shared those secrets with a private student of mine. Most of my other students are not paying attention to what I said. Most people practicing Chinese calligraphy have never thought of those topics in microscopic levels. Today paperweight is less known than the four treasures of a study and is less commonly sold in bookstores. Hopefully some day more people will recognize the important functions of a Chinese calligraphy paperweight.







# Reasons


Why pictures and videos are not updated so fast?

  • Joshua is working full time as a public accountant. 

  • Teaching Chinese brush painting and calligraphy classes

  • Booking and preparing for next demonstration

  • Selling calligraphy & painting works online worldwide

  • Organizing pictures and videos between several computers, cell phones, and hard drives for storage and editing. 

  • Serving as the President of Dallas Chinese Calligraphy & Painting Association from January 2015 and January 2018. (Hopefully someone else can be the next president in 2018.)

  • Administrator of two WeChat groups of CalligraPainting (One for the Association; one for my classes.)

  • Periodically updating other areas of this Website

  • Various local requests, business activities, and art investment projects

  • Other local cultural activities - Dallas is getting even more culturally diversified than ever, especially for the innumerous activities in the Chinese community. I hope to stay home for more personal practice and more time in painting.




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