Lunar New Year Celebration

Chinese Calligraphy Demonstration

by Dallas Chinese Calligrapher Joshua Hough

@ Plano 99 Ranch Market

Jan. 30 , 2016 (11AM-1:30PM) 






Due to extensive schedules and frequent activities and meetings in early 2016, pictures and videos will be updated eventully after May 20.

Pictures and videos are still being compiled...will be added later when I have more time.





Due to distractions such as space and time limitation and noises, substandard samples are not included here.


Videos (if recorded and available)

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Good fortune or blessings,








I love you ( 我愛你 ) in Chinese calligraphy




















Selected Chinese Calligraphy Demonstration Videos and Pictures

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Pictures and videos are still being compiled...will be added later.



Joshua's Journal:


Today I met Ms. Bian whose father Mr. Bian Zhi-Ron ( 卞之榮 ) was a good friend of Grandmaster Pu Xinyu ( 溥心畬 ). Before I wanted to ask her contact for more information about her father, I got busy with other people and she left. She merely told me that her father passed away and she did not know about the details of their friendship and Chinese brush painting. I have tried to Google for their connections but could not find any. Things happened back in 1950's could have been lost forever.

In Dallas, I have known several people who possess paintings and calligraphy by Pu Xinyu. In Chinese culture we don't usually ask people to show them to you unless we are really close friends. 






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