Dallas Chinese Calligraphy & Painting Association 

Artistic Gathering Party @ Elite Art Center

達拉斯中華書畫協會321日禮拜六10:30 AM 1:30PM 書畫雅集

March 21, 2015





The party started from 10:30AM and ended around 1:30PM. Highlights of videos for 11 minutes. (Prof. Zhang's demo included as the second half in the video.)




Prof. Zhang, Director of UT Dallas Confucius Institute and Professor of Chinese calligraphy & painting





Teacher Chan & Jinki performing on pre-mounted blank scrolls. 
These four scrolls provided by Joshua and written by Teacher Chan and Jinki were given to the audiences 
who answered correctly to four questions regarding Chinese brushes and calligraphy asked by Joshua.



Joshua's calligraphy gifts for friends and members

"God is love" on a scroll for Janet Tang, a second generation student of Zhang Daqian (aka Chang Dai-Chien). 

If you practice Chinese Brush Painting and do not know who Pu Ru and Zhang Daqian are, it's like a student majoring in piano performance and does not know who Vladimir Horowitz and Artur Rubinstein are.

This scroll was not exhibited last December due to some reasons... Finally it is a gift for Aunt Janet today.

Because of these reasons, I attended the annual conference of Dallas Chinese Calligraphy & Painting Association on January 31, 2015 and was elected as the President. Otherwise, due to my various schedules as an accountant, a teacher of Chinese CalligraPainting for more than twelve students currently, and a performer of local art events, I totally had no interest in becoming a president of an association. What goes around comes around. Thus, I believe everyone should be treated equally and fairly with respect and no one can do anything againt "God is love" for God is right there. My student who became the President of Oriental Arts Association in Irving advised me that there is wisdom I can learn from seniors. Art is a way of life for peace and longevity, but not the way to gain personal fame.



Dallas Chinese Daily advertisement and article

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