DFW Dragon Boat Festival 龍舟節

Irving, Texas  May 26, 2013


Selected Chinese Calligraphy Demonstration Videos and Pictures



Detail 1    Detail 2

Miss Meng's full name ( 孟珍羽 ) written with gold pigment on "10,000 Years Red" ( 萬年紅 ) Chinese calligraphy Xuan paper



  in Walking Style for Ms. Wang

This was written under extremely windy moment with three people trying to hold the paper. 龍舟賽湖邊強風下所寫

It took four or five of us to hold the paper under the windy moment by the lake where people were racing dragon boats.

This character has been one of the most favorite characters by most Chinese calligraphers.


 Names translated phonetically and written in Mixed Walking and Running Styles:

(Abigail, Aruna, Ashton; Brasen, Bryce, Eiten; Elizabeth, Hayden, Lian; Montalvo, Weilun, Zaporojan; Paul... and etc. in Chinese calligraphy)









Names written for Chinese people: Chiu, Wang, Li, Li...

Videos and pictures are still being compiled...




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