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L1: Calligraphy Web Sites in English

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L2: Calligraphy Web Sites in Chinese

            BIG5 Traditional Chinese Fonts


王羲之 Stories and life of Wang Hsi-Chih, the Calligrapher-Sage.



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Chinese Calligraphy Websites in GB Simplified Chinese Fonts




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L3: Chinese Brush Painting & Seal Making  

Painting     More listed in Museums

Seal Carving


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L4: Calligraphy, Painting & Seals Suppliers

Superstore of brushes, Shuan paper, ink stones, various calligraphy & painting supplies, and seal stones in Dallas, Texas. Please visit the store or call Mr. Robert Bo 薄先生 at (972) 758-7238 between 12 pm to 6 pm daily, Texas time. E-mails may be delayed due to many inquiries from e-Bay. Calling is preferred. 

If you do not get a response during a reasonable time, please contact Joshua at (I don't take any commissions or sell my inventory.)

How to place a direct order by (international) calling or visiting

It's best that you get the item number and stock number from e-Bay first.
As of January, 2010, ALL Duan Zhou inkstones and Shuan paper in packs of 100 sheets are sold out, except those that are specialty as listed on e-Bay.


Large inventory and guaranteed wholesale prices - only a small percentage of inventory listed online and e-Bay.  

各式湖州毛筆、紅星牌宣紙、端州名硯 ... 和理批發價,種類繁多。價位合理,包您滿意。


Selecting Chinese Calligraphy & Painting Brushes, Books & Four Treasures from Bookstore

How to choose Chinese artistic brushes 

達華書局 China Books & Arts 
Phone: 972-238-8408 (preferred contact)
Address: Located in China Town


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L5: Chinese History, Literature, and Philosophy   

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L6: Learning Chinese on the Internet & Chinese Language Schools

Ancient Chinese characters may have told the stories of the Bible. Is it coincidence or design?






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L7: Longevity



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L8: Art Books & Sources

Chinese Calligraphy, Painting, and Seal Carving Books 中國書畫篆刻相關書籍

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L9: Museums & Art Market (Most museums have versions written in different languages.)

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L10: Friendship & Reciprocal Links   


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