Additional Notes for Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Scrolls & Mounting

If you are looking for remounting or repairing your own artwork you created or bought somewhere else, you may try www.yoursourcein .com/remount.htm. They have quality services with fine selections of brocades.

Some people consider Silk Mounting as a part of Back Mounting if the artwork is to be framed, or as a part of Scroll Mounting if the artwork is to be a wall scroll.

During the period between December, 2004 (the creation of this website) and August, 2006 (when our mounting and custom scrolls were first introduced), Joshua had tried writing calligraphy on pre-mounted blank scrolls. Most blank scrolls are mounted with average silk and materials and are sized with an alum mixture to prevent insect bites. The alum has greatly decreased the compatibility of ink and Shuan Paper so the nuances of brushstrokes cannot be executed and shown. (A blank scroll with average silk brocade and mounting quality typically costs less than US $25 in some markets.) As a result, Joshua has abandoned the idea of using blank scrolls even though their cost is lower.