Plano Asian Festival 布蘭諾亞裔文化節

Chinese Painting & Calligraphy Demonstration 書法國畫示範

by Dallas Chinese Calligrapher-Painter Joshua Hough

May 7 , 2016 (Actual Demonstration Time 1:20 - 4:00PM)



This morining I was the first one to arrive at the parking lot at Courtyard Theater at 8:20AM.

My spot had always been near the railroad in the past where people parked and unloaded.

As the current President of Dallas Chinese Calligraphy & Painting Association, I had to cooperate the indoor exhibitions. 

That's why I chose a different spot near Courtyard this year. 



The Artisic Advisor of Dallas Chinese Calligraphy & Painting Association, Mr. Chan, wrote Excellence, City of Plano, the most excellent city for the City of Plano. We had a nice communion with the Plano council members. I shared with Tom Harrison that Chinese is one of the easiest languages to learn from certain perspectives, and that among all walks of life in China, calligraphers have had the longest lives throughout the dynasties. Rick Grady remembered seeing me write at a very fast speed during one of my demonstrations in downtown Dallas and the MC announced my performance. Then I shared with Rick how I developed my calligraphy techniques based on my teacher's instructions and the underlying scientific principles. 


I told Dr. Jian Li, the founder of Plano Asian Festival, that "Thank you for your efforts. Perfection and imperfection always coexist. Appreciation is a virtue and philosophy."



Finally, I had time to demonstrate painting bamboos around 1:20PM.



Dallas Morning News...

November 2010 about Joshua: 

Outdoor vs. Indoor Qualities Comparison

Bamboos Painted Today in a Very Windy Outdoor Setting Bamboos Painted in Studio (Better Samples Added Later)

Painting bamboos sideways is an alternative method used by Chinese brush painters.













Self Comments:

consistent ink tones shades

mental calculations speakers




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Due to extensive schedules and frequent activities and meetings in early 2016, pictures and videos will be updated eventully after May 20.

Pictures and videos are still being compiled...will be added later when I have more time.





Due to distractions such as space and time limitation and noises, substandard samples are not included here.


Videos (if recorded and available)

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Good fortune or blessings,








I love you ( 我愛你 ) in Chinese calligraphy




















Selected Chinese Calligraphy Demonstration Videos and Pictures

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Pictures and videos are still being compiled...will be added later.



Joshua's Journal:


Time management is really important.






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