Chinese Calligraphy Demo for 2014 Plano Asian Festival

美國德州 布蘭諾亞裔文化節 書法當場揮毫示範

by Dallas Chinese Calligrapher Joshua Hough

May 3, 2014


Selected Chinese Calligraphy Demonstration Videos and Pictures


Qi and Shan Rejoice. Suzanne and her twin sister have and as the second characters in their given names.





秋香 (autumn fragrance) is the original Chinese name of Rachel Tran, chairperson of AsiaFest.





The Liu family uses those four characters as the given names for their children.





Mr. Paul Look's name in Chinese









For Ms. Liu Jinhong 金紅  (Jin Hong literally means gold and red.) 
With gold pigment written on red paper, this is a perfect match for her name.
Ms. Liu works for World Chinese Journal.





My booth is located at this same corner since 2007. The sunshine becomes strong from noon time to the afternoon. 
The shadows of the trees are not good for cameras and the sun becomes unfriendly at certain point of time.
Next year I plan to bring a canopy.



修業 (ascetic practice) for an Aikido martial artist.


Fu (Good fortune) 福字書法 for a Chinese lady who volunteers to help in an American high school.


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Selected pictures and videos were uploaded on 2014.5.4.