Double Tenth Chinese CalligraPainting Exhibition

@ Dallas Chinese Community Center

October 5-19, 2013

Double Tenth is October 10. It's the birthday of Republic of China.

達拉斯中華書畫協會 Dallas Chinese Calligraphy & Painting Association

2013年雙十國慶書畫展10月5日開幕, 展期2週至19日結束.









Kai Chung (President of DFW Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce), my calligraphy scroll "Crane Longevity," Joshua Hough, and Mr. Lee 


Joshua Hough, my calligraphy scroll "Crane Longevity," Christina (current president of DFW Chinese Calligraphy & Painting Association), and Ms. Tang


鶴壽 (Long Life as a Crane) is a famous Chinese blessing for people's life.
鶴 = Crane           壽 = Longevity



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