Chinese Calligraphy Writing for

@ Riley's Birthday Party

May 19, 2007

(Under Construction)

Many thanks to Melanie for her invitation to Riley's birthday party. The family's business clients as well 
as Riley's friends got  their names written in Chinese calligraphy as collectable artwork.


A silk mounted work for Melanie, Riley's mom.


Writing "Melanie" (left 3 characters) & Kathy Traylor (right 4 characters) on premium Shuan paper during the party.
The paper comes with 7 cirles of dragon and phoenix design - just the right number for the mother's and daugher's names.


Please click the "Play" button twice

Thanks to Kathy for taking this short video clip of writing "Melanie" ( ) which means "beautiful" in Chinese.
The English names are written in Chinese calligraphy based on "phonetic translation" first. Then Joshua picks up the good, 
beautiful, encouraging, or lucky Chinese characters and select the ones that look more artistic and write with a brush.

In advanced level of Chinese calligraphic writing, the calligrapher may need to use the
Hanging Arm Technique instead of resting the arm and wrist on the table. Also the brush 
and the arm do not move too obviously; the motion comes from within the torso.



The family has collections from many cultural diversities. 

















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