Chinese Calligraphy Demo

@ Microsoft Corporation in Irving, Texas

May 16, 2007 (12:00 - 1:30 PM, LC1 Cafe)

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Many thanks to Sally's invitation, Jack's help, and Karla's planning in organizing
"Asian American Heritage Festival" at Microsoft Texas Campus in Las Colinas.
We wish we have seen Bill Gates coming.



Thanks to Jack's help in explaining Chinese language to Microsoft employees 
and taking pictures during our spare time.



Though we had not finished all the requests due to our limited time, some employees were 
very interested in getting to know Chinese calligraphy as an art.



With Sifu Philip Ng ( who led the Kungfu and lion dance show.



Mental rehearsal, precision measurement, and concentration all help to create a more beautiful Chinese calligraphy work.



The man was patient. We waited until all the performers and vendors left. 
He is interested in the spiritual and artistic beauty of Chinese calligraphy.


Due to the memory limitation of the server, some pictures 
older than 3 months will be backed up and be available upon your request.

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