Chinese Calligraphy Demonstration @ Nordstrom Galleria Mall

for Promotion of Kenzo Perfume

April 7, 2006 (11AM - 6 PM)


Many thanks to Mr. Munch at Kenzo Parfums, Mary Lou and Olivia at the Galleria Mall for organizing this event. The event is for the promotion of the new feminine fragrance FlowerbyKenzo Oriental. Each customer who buys the perfume gets her name (or phrase) written in Chinese calligraphy as a gift. Here are some of the pictures of the customers who agreed to share their pictures along with those who work at the mall. 

The opening...


Some customers and employees at the mall.

sarisa-kaveh.jpg (1003572 bytes)




A work for Mr. Bou after the promotion.



A work for Olivia, the manager at the Nordstrom Mall, after the promotion.


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