AP Art History Super Saturday

@ Booker T. Washington HSPVA


Many thanks to Ms. Read, the Education Coordinator of the Crow Collection of Asian Art, 
Ms. Martel and all other sponsors at the Advanced Placement Strategies, Inc. for organizing these art programs.



Students at the Booker T. Washington HSPVA have won national and state arts awards. The Advanced Placement Strategies, Inc. has been sponsoring various art programs here at the school. The topics today include: The Golden Age of Spain, Chinese calligraphy, painting, African art at the Dallas Museum of Arts, and etc. It was very rainy and cold today. The event had students from many high schools in the greater Dallas / Fort Worth area.


Students receiving basic instructions of Chinese calligraphy with patience.


Students explored their artistic talent with brush painting and also did the "tracing practice." They might know very little Chinese, yet they enjoyed writing Chinese characters with brushes. See, I never tortured them with a boring lecture. Instead, I prefer they feel the temperament and explore the endless possibilities of a Chinese calligraphy / painting brush. And of course, I did not assign any homework. So, ah, they liked me... and took some paper home for practice.


Students tried the soft Chinese brushes in writing and painting. They preferred the motion and freedom of such brushes compared to watercolor brushes and some said they were going to get  Chinese calligraphy sets right away.



Students receiving their names and phrases written in Chinese calligraphy happily.



Ms. Martel, the director of arts program, spoke at the closing ceremony.

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