Chinese Calligraphy Demonstration @ the Crow Collection of Asian Art in Dallas

(Jan. 29, 2006, Chinese New Year's Day)

慶祝 2006 年春節 書法示範


Many thanks to all at the Crow Collection of Asian Art and 
the American Association of Chinese Professionals for organizing this cultural event. 


When Jack and I first arrived, immediately there were waves of visitors surrounding the table and requesting their names & phrases. We were not able to greet them because we needed to set up the table ASAP and display sample works... There was a huge mess! But we were so grateful for the public's appreciation of Chinese calligraphy. Later, the folks at the museum brought another table and poles to set up the display ... and then I had space on the second table to write. Since then we had time and space to take pictures, explain to the audience, and start writing their requests.


Now we were ready to go...

The demo would not be so successful without Jack's kind help. He is very proficient in translating English to Chinese and very good at explaining Chinese culture, philosophy and arts to the audiences. We deeply appreciate his help!

Chinese parents explained traditional Chinese brush arts to kids and they tried writing with brushes... 


Cute girls wearing traditional Chinese costumes.


A journalist came to shoot video. 
(Hi, buddy! Please let us know where this would be. We did not have time to ask...)


A gentleman wearing a shirt with "Dragon Sword" written on it.

A lady pondering what she wanted???



A brief intermission...


Prof. Gao, a local painter, came to visit. He is a friend of Jack.


This girl has a dream for China. She loves Chinese culture and wears a specialty T-shirt with Chinese calligraphy characters and paintings on it and a beautiful costume. Her mom is saving bucks for their trip to China. We wish her China dream come true. When I was her age, I wished to come to America every day. And now here I am. :)


We had about 100 requests today. During this intense 5 hours, I only finished about 40 of them. I appreciate your time and patience. And I also apologize for not completing your phrases and names. The security came to call off at 5:00 PM and we had to end right away. The news report said there were 6,000 people attending the Chinese New Year celebration at the museum.


People waiting in line...


We did not have time to talk to our friend Robert who was in charge of the tea ceremony upstairs...

A nice scroll of a Buddhist scripture written in beautiful Chinese calligraphy.


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